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Top 10 Free Productivity Tools Everybody Should Use
Productivity tools are computer-based programs and applications that help you get things in order so that in effect, you'll also increase your productivity. They can be considered as time management t...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago

Why Hard Work is for Machines and Not Humans?
Since the day that machines were invented to take on repetitive tasks, people have felt a growing fear that machines will one day make humans jobless. In today’s world, automated machines have taken o...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago

Battle of Frontend - Hottest frameworks at the moment
Web applications are getting more powerful, therefore the tools for building them need to increase in power too. Web frameworks are becoming better and they make the whole web development process a pi...

by Sebastian Schiau, 4 years ago

Top 10 tech trends of 2019
Ever since the evolution of technology started, we’re in a constant state of change. Every year we make some of the assumptions and estimates regarding the new technology trends for the New Year. M...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago

Introduction to cloud computing
In the past decades, hard drives were the major storage device for data and information. And should any disaster occur, the entire data are lost forever – no means of retrieval whatsoever.  No wo...

by Anna Kane, 5 years ago

Queuing emails in Laravel with Background Jobs
So most of the web apps nowadays are featuring email notifications, newsletters and all kinds of different email implementations.  Laravel eases up the process a lot with its suit of tools that a...

by Sebastian Schiau, 5 years ago