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Last answer by George Damian George Damian 21 hours ago
Marketplace Roadmap
2 days ago by George Damian

Hey guys,It's almost an year since Alkanyx went online and what a year it was. We've managed to change the entire design once, add lots of new features and fixed tons of bugs.Now that we got here, there is no going back, so I've though that I should share with you guys few of our

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Last answer by Blizz Code Blizz Code 20 hours ago
Feedback Thread
2 months ago by George Damian

Hey guys,We want to build a great marketplace for both our authors and customers, so I am opening this topic hoping that we will get feedback that matters, from you guys!Don't hesitate to let us know what features would you like to have, bugs that you run into or anything that you

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Last answer by George Damian George Damian 2 days ago
Alkanyx Official Changelog
10 months ago by George Damian

Hey guys,In order to keep you posted with the latest changes that are going on with our platform, I've created this post were we will post our latest updates.This being said, here is the our changelog so far:


5/9/2017 (v.2.0.13)

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Last answer by Sebastian Schiau Sebastian Schiau 2 months ago
The PHP page order
6 months ago by Chewi Scripts

Hi there this is a query on the categories > php page can i ask why the order has changed from newest to most sales? thanks

Last answer by gearex solutions gearex solutions 1 week ago
Introduce yourself
6 months ago by Sebastian Schiau

Hey guys,

I've created this topic so we can get to know ourselves better, create stronger and more productive connections between us.

For the beggining, you can add some basic information about you, like the ones below and we shall see where this takes.

Last answer by George Damian George Damian 8 months ago
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8 months ago by HARSH PAREKH






Last answer by Chewi Scripts Chewi Scripts 6 months ago
[Contest] Alkanyx's Most Wanted
9 months ago by George Damian


As part of Alkanyx's starting pack, we are now offering a $30 bonus for every posted item that is one of the following type of apps.

  Web Apps CRMs/ ERPs / POSs apps Dating apps HTML UI Kit
Tags: #php #javascript #web mobile desktop 40 dollars bonus coding contest

Last answer by Luka Paunović Luka Paunović 9 months ago
[Contest] PHP Rush
10 months ago by George Damian

Hey guys,


Today I want to let you know about the first Alkanyx coding contest, in which we are offering $300 for authors that will be posting PHP apps/scripts in the 5/22/2017 - 6/15/2017 interval.

Rules and not
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