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PHP on steroids? Swoole introduction and benchmarks

What is Swoole? Swoole is an open-source C extension for PHP that enables true event-driven, async programming for PHP via its coroutines implementation and promises to offer highly available and extremely performant PHP apps. PHP Swoole is different from the traditional PHP model, running in CLI mode, like Node.js but with a different design...

by George Damian, 3 years ago

Top self hosted ecommerce platforms in 2020
The self-host eCommerce platform- a potentially cheaper, but definitely more customizable, more flexible, and more transparent solution if you’re looking to get your own online market up and running....

by Anna Kane, 3 years ago

Mitigating and securing hacked Wordpress sites
As you may know already, Wordpress is one of the most common solution for rapidly building small to medium websites, offering powerful customization capabilities, many times trough it's large reposito...

by George Damian, 4 years ago

Top AI Trends You Should Watch Out for in 2020
Among the many innovations that littered the just-concluded decade, artificial intelligence (AI) unarguably sits at the top of that list.  Backtrack two decades ago, AI evangelists who preache...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago

Choosing the Best Javascript IDEs for 2020
If you are a programmer or a web developer, my guess is, you must have heard of JavaScript. Who hasn’t?! JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language used by web developers and progra...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago

Key Practices every software developer should follow
Software development has become one of the most in demand as well as demanding jobs in the modern world and for good reason. The requirement for high quality, complicated software systems continues...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago

The best modern development tools to start using right away
One of the major benefits of the advent of technology in the contemporary age is the fact that we are blessed with a hundred more new tools and techniques to make our personal and professional live...

by Anna Kane, 4 years ago