Choosing the Best Javascript IDEs for 2020

by Anna Kane , 4 years ago

If you are a programmer or a web developer, my guess is, you must have heard of JavaScript. Who hasn’t?!

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language used by web developers and programmers today. It has expanded very well from front-end to back-end development. As a matter of fact, Stack Overflow Report clearly states that this technology is employed by 67.8% of developers across the globe.

Famed for its ease of usage, Javascript comes with a host of tools – Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and source code editors - that make it a complete working environment. As its popularity surged over the years, so did the number of tools, leaving us with a boatload of IDEs and source code to sieve through while deciding the best man for the job.

With too many IDEs on the market, it can get pretty confusing choosing the best one to work with. Well, I wish I could say there is a perfect tool for all projects. But that is far from the truth.

To pick the best among the lot, one has to consider everything from the nature of the task, the work environment, essential features, and the user competence. 

Nonetheless, there are a few IDEs that stand out from the crowd. Check out our list of the best 5 Javascript IDEs for 2020.

Difference Between IDE and Code Editors

The basic function of an IDE and source code editor is pretty much the same. This has caused many developers to use both languages interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference between JavaScript IDEs and source code editors.

Basically, an IDE is a complete software that allows you do just about anything without any hassle. It enables developers to write, modify, execute, debug, and deploy code.

In addition, IDEs are built with support for AML systems such as GitHub

A source code, on the other hand, is the lighter version of an IDE. It comes with fewer features and does not do so well with debugging. Ideally, developers will readily pick an IDE over a source code editor. Again, this depends on the aforementioned factors.

Here is our list of  Top 5 JavaScript IDEs for 2020.

1. Visual Studio


Unarguably, Visual Studio is one of the best JS IDEs on the planet. Designed primarily for developers looking to build computer programs on Windows platform, this IDE comes packed with rich features. You can totally scale a project without any hitch. You have everything from class designer to code refactoring, code profiler, code completion, code debugger, database schema designer, and a truckload of others. Even more, the software allows users to extend its capabilities to hundreds of plugins. 

2. AWS Cloud9


Released in 2010, AWS Cloud9 has proved that it is here to stay. As one of the early JS IDEs in the market, you bet this IDE comes with the whole package - and a little more. With this software, you can enjoy everything from code editing to code completion, language analysis, syntax highlighting, name refactoring, debugging, and extensive AML support.

3. NetBeans


Our list will be incomplete without highlighting this Java-dedicated IDE. Released in 1997, NetBeans is one of the oldest Java IDEs on the market. Over the years, it proved that age has only made it better. If you are looking for a super easy-to-use JS IDE that boasts all the essential features, you should give this software a try!

4. Code Anywhere


This is yet another astounding JS IDE on the market. This cloud-based, cross-platform IDE, comes with an extensive list of features including built-in support for npm, Unix command, and debugger. Although it is written in Javascript, it allows users to program in as many as 70 other languages. No holds barred!

As a cloud IDE, it also allows you to connect your Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

5. Webstorm


While this IDE will require you to shell out some cash, it is, in fact, one of the best IDEs there is. Besides its basic IDE features (code editing, code completion, code refactoring, debugging, etc), this software comes with advanced features that make it an indispensable tool in any developer toolkit. For starters, it can code in different languages other than JS and it sits at the top of the list of best supported and updated offerings on the market. You are sure to have new features as they drop. 

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