The best modern development tools to start using right away

by Anna Kane , 4 years ago

One of the major benefits of the advent of technology in the contemporary age is the fact that we are blessed with a hundred more new tools and techniques to make our personal and professional lives ten times easier and more convenient. When it comes to software development, it is important to keep up with the changes in the industry to ensure that you are not falling behind your competitors. That is why you must invest in solutions that will help you boost your professional productivity, effectiveness, and performance, ultimately leading to more satisfied clients.


Let’s take a look at some of the best modern tools and solutions that every software developer should learn more about and consider using right away:


GitHub can be used as a platform to write and edit code, review it, as well as manage it, making it an efficient and all encompassing management solution for code writing and interface development. Not only that, but GitHub also has a project management system that can be used to streamline your project timeline and get everything done on time and in the right order.



There is a reason why Jira is the single most frequently used tool by Agile networks. The reason behind its popularity is simple- it is a straightforward tracking platform that makes project management an absolute breeze for software developers. Its custom features let you track your progress, view your backlogs, generate reports, and maintain a proper flow for all of the tasks that are to be accomplished.



A free to use open source software development tool, NetBeans enables you to perform a number of different edits and updates to your software. You can use the cross platform software to write code, develop an interface, or manage your project operations. NetBeans is compatible with languages such as C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and many others.



Where Cloud 9 used to be an open source software solution that created an Integrated Development Environment or IDe on the cloud, it has become a chargeable commodity since it was purchased by Amazon. Now, you can use the online platform to run your code and find out if it has any bugs or errors. It is also compatible with a number of other serverless applications that can help you expand the scope of your review and testing process. One great benefit of Cloud 9 is that it allows for collaboration between multiple individuals or teams.



Being one of the most widely used workflow management platforms in the online world, Trello can prove to be extremely useful for you if you struggle to visualize your operations without visual aid. Using the software you can dedicate particular boards to particular projects and then use a series of cards to determine the individual tasks that must be accomplished, all updated with the relevant dates, documents, and details.



Linx is particularly useful for the development of backend code. It is a simple program with a straightforward drag and drop systematic and makes integration of different applications a breeze. It allows you to gain access to over a 100 different plugins for programming functions to help speed up the development process and help you become more productive and conserve time on the project.



If you are looking for a program that you can use for seamless cross platform editing and code review, then Atom is a pretty flexible and adaptable option that is open source and works with all operating systems without compromising on the integrity or quality of the tools it provides. It is packed full of innovative and intuitive features including smart autocomplete, package manager, and multiple panes. The custom program lets you build and edit your interface and add a number of features without having to tinker with the configuration file.

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