Top 10 tech trends of 2019

by Anna Kane , 5 years ago

Ever since the evolution of technology started, we’re in a constant state of change. Every year we make some of the assumptions and estimates regarding the new technology trends for the New Year. Most of those estimates are in actual are informed guess, based on the ongoing work in the variety of fields. So, if you love to stay update or if you love the latest technology trends, this piece of writing is all about your fantasies.

In this writing output, we will discuss some of the most awaiting tech trends of 2019. So, keep on reading to know more.

1.     Data privacy

With the involvement of the internet in the most vital decision of our lives, our privacy has become more prone to privacy breaches.  Among all internet of things devices, it becomes effortless for hackers to perform data breaches. With the new tech trend discussion going on, here are the two most positive and latest trend in data security. Zero knowledge proof is the technological trends that will enable the users to enhance the transactions security with the use of mathematics.

Along with Zero Knowledge Proof, the trendsetters are also working towards securing the businesses with the continuous adapting technology-CARTA. CARTA is the abbreviation for Continuous adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment, and it offers the maximum protection by adopting according to the nature of business transaction and experiences.

2.     Artificial intelligence

Automation is the new buzz in the market and every business regardless of the nature of service offering is indulge in it. Artificial intelligence is the part of automation and no matter how old this technology might get. But the advancement in it will always pose the potential to change our lives for good. The concept of artificial intelligence comprises machines that portray intelligence akin to human and perform task accordingly. With the further advancements in the artificial intelligence, now we will make the machine capable of making a decision based on experience.

3.     Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence. As we have mentioned above that now, the developers are moving towards making the machine capable of decision making this is what machine learning is all about. With the help of machine learning, now the machines do not have to depend on the formulas, codes and algorithms to perform tasks as now they can perform according to the experience and situations.

4.     Robotic process automation

The automation process does not end t artificial intelligence or machine learning, but it goes way beyond that to RPA. RPA is the technological facility that offers ease and convenience to the businesses and individual as a whole. It assists with the automation of the processes, facilitating the transactions and dealing with large piles of data. In 2019, we will witness more advancement into the field of RPA, although it is posing a threat to the employment status across the globe, however, at the same time in the automation field, it is creating lucrative opportunities as well.

5.     Blockchain

Well, yes, most of you will think that it is related to cryptocurrencies till now. However, with the changing pattern of security and demand for a secure and safe working environment, the blockchain has become one of the most sought-after technology.

The blockchain is the term used for the process which is widely in use for the protection of transaction information in cryptocurrencies. A blockchain will allow only the flow of information in one direction i-e in forwarding direction and thus protect the data from being misused. Due to the one way flow of data, cryptocurrencies are the most secure form of the transaction now, and the indulgence of blockchain process in another field will help to gain the same safety.

6.     Virtual reality and augmented reality

In the start, virtual reality only offers the creativity in the field of games. However, with the new insight into the field of virtual reality, now the developers are more concerned with the use of this technology in almost every other field. Virtual reality is something that tends the person to immerse into a certain environment where on the other hand augmented reality offers a more enhanced environment. The use of VR and AR in 2019 will be more inclined to be used in security, medical and training fields.

7.     Internet of things

Isn’t it feel fantastic to control most of your life through a simple internet connection and a device? Well, the internet of things is all about connecting various things through a single platform. The advancement in the IoT leads us to control our lives, our appliances and protect our homes. This cloud technology is connecting the various devices over cloud through simple internet connectivity and that pretty much our future.

8.     Edge computing

One step ahead of cloud computing, edge computing offers the users a facility of small data centers, It can process the data without being connected to the centralised station. This not only helps us to manage the large piles of data but also save lots of time.

9.     3D printing

By just adding the little bit of information in the system now you can make any 3D model. In 3D printing, a model is prepared under the supervision of a computer in which the material is added together, and then the machines follow the commands from a computer.

10.   Digital twins

Who does not want to be at two different places at the same time? Well, we all love to experience it. The digital twins are the digital representation of anything in the real world. In 2019, we will see more advancement into this technology to get more on the real world affairs. 

So, we have mentioned some of the most expected trends that are going to be on top in the year 2019. If you know any new trend or want to share your experience with any of this technology, we are more than hearing all you need is to do let us know about it in comments.

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