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What is this script about?

Youtube looper is a PHP Script that allow your users to listen youtube videos on repeat.They can repeat a song either by inserting the videos`s url on the main page,or by replacing “youtube” with your domain name,in the url bar,till example, becomes .

The script also comes with a admin panel that makes easy editing your logo, sites name, ad spot and many other things.

It also comes with 3500 videos allready indexed, so you can have some content when you put the site up.


Main features

  • Repeat youtube videos
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Grabs videos description
  • UTF8 compatible
  • Repeat songs by replacing with
  • Adsense ready (2 ad spots)
  • Jquery effects
  • No API key Required
  • Database with 3500 videos allready indexed
  • High security level
  • Admin panel
  • and so much more…

Requirements: A server with PHP 5.x and mod_rewrite(htaccess).


4/4/2017 [1.6.6]

  • Small youtube API updates

4/4/2016 [1.6.5]

  • Structure and database changes and imrpovemenets
  • Migrated from the V2 API to internal crawling system
  • Upgraded to mysqli_ (front side only, no admin panel)
  • Other UI&UX improvements

1/1/2015 [1.6]

  • Fully Redesigned – migrated to Bootstrap 3 from the old fixed layout,
  • including lots of design improvements and features
  • Tweaked the core – Less loading time because of better youtube API queries, reducing SQL conections
  • Overall many UI and UX iprovements have been implemented, and
  • many minor bugs were fixed

09/04/2013 [1.3]

  • Fixed a problem related to characters (All now languages supported)
  • Improved some pieces of code
  • Removed that ugly fragment identifier ( #.UiY9zDbwl6w ) from the urls
  • Fixed other minor bugs

03/06/2013 [1.2]

  • Fixed a bug with some invalid video ids

02/27/2013 [1.1]

  • Major SEO improvements
  • Updated Mysql file
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    Willie Beck


    Nice idea and overall design :)

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