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What is this script about?

PHP Radio Stations Database is a simple, yet unique script which allows users to discover new radio stations around the world. They can find stations by their favourite genre, by the country they are from, or even random radios. The script is easy to install/configure, the only things in order to run it are a server with PHP5, cUrl(), mod_rewrite and a Dirble API key.

This web app template allows you to start your own radio stations directory listings in no time, with minimum investment.

Main features

  • Radio stations database
  • Sorting by genres/countries
  • No Database required
  • Radios information (country, bitrate, status, site)
  • Cross-Browser responsive desing (bootstrap)
  • ~400 radio stations (and counting)
  • Ready to go in a few minutes
  • SEO ready (url friendly links)
  • and more...


9/19/2017 [1.4.5]

  • Media player plugin upgrade

12/21/2015 [1.4]

  • Redesigned the "Countries" page
  • Added a live web player that can stream the radios in browser
  • Changed the tabbed pagination into infinite scroll one
  • Code leve improvements (Additional indentation, restructures, comments and code optimizations)
  • Changed the favicon
  • UI & UX Improvements, also few other design bugs fixed

8/11/2015 [1.3]

  • Upgraded to Dirble's V2 API
  • Added missing favicon
  • Other minor bugs fixed

4/18/2014 [1.2]

  • Fixed the search function
  • Updated to the latest API system

4/09/2014 [1.1]

  • Improved the rewrite rules, that caused problems on some web servers

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Ovidiu Buruiana
Ovidiu Buruiana
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