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App type Web
Main Language PHP
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Category Social media
Posted on 2017-03-03
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 3.10.0

What is this script about?

"Beauty checker"  it`s a fresh and unique script on Alkanyx marketplace which allows your users to perform free beauty tests.

It works in a simple manner, the user uploads a picture with himself, where the face is visible, the picture it`s uploaded with a cool AJAX uploader, then it returns the a grade based on different aspects of his face, then, using the built in sharing plugin, he can share the result on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

The script has no special requirements, you only need a domain/subdomain and a hosting server (shared/VPS/Dedicated) with PHP5. Also, you don`t have to worry about installation, the only thing you have to do, is to upload the files to your server and edit just 1 file.

Note* This is not a native facebook app.

Main Features:

  • Beauty Test
  • Face detection
  • AJAX based,jQuery effec
  • No DB or API required
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Translation system (EN,RO,SWE included)
  • Random grades (If face not detected)*Optional
  • Secure
  • Ready to go in a few minutes

and so much more...


8/19/2016 [1.2.2]

  • Small face recognition fixes and tweaks

1/31/2015 [1.2.1]

  • Added full photo link after photo submission, more SEO & Social media UI&UX friendly
  • Fixed multiple design bugs on the photo.php page
  • Fixed other minor javascript related bugs

11/15/2014 [1.2]

  • Design changes ( Flattened the elements, added different overlay and much more)
  • Added translation file for turkish
  • Improved multiple blocks of code, and improved the MVC structure
  • Multiple minor bugfixes

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