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Marketplace Roadmap

  • George Damian

    Hey guys,

    It's almost an year since Alkanyx went online and what a year it was. We've managed to change the entire design once, add lots of new features and fixed tons of bugs.

    Now that we got here, there is no going back, so I've though that I should share with you guys few of our main goals and check boxes to hit for the following period:

      ☐ Intense marketing efforts to drive more sales

      ☐ Major design improvements for best experience on both authors and buyers side

      ☐ Create more community contests

      ☐ Initiate an items purge and enforce quality checks

      ✔ Implement a public blog

      ✔ Implement an affiliate system

      ✔ Add more payment methods ( maybe Skrill, Stripe, Bitcoin )

      ✔ Implement a public API for programmatic data access

    As I said, these are just a couple of the main things we will focus on over the next period, in between our regular updates.

    If you have any suggestions regarding things you would like us to see doing in the future, please let us know!

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