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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database None
Category Productivity
Posted on 2017-09-07
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.0

A simple PHP password generator password that generates unlimited passwords where you can choose what characters and the amount inside the password giving you maximum customization in making very secure passwords. This script is also built using Semantic UI framework giving it a fresh and appealing look and feel!


  • Easy to use
  • Generate chosen number of passwords
  • Customize the number characters in the password
  • Customize what characters the passwords will contain
  • AJAX
  • No install
  • No db

Upcoming Features

  • See change log

✔️ = Done

//11 August 2017 v1.0
#Initial features ✔️

//11 September 2017 v1.1 (coming soon)
#More options for things to put in password ✔️
#Minor Bug Fixes ✔️
#Theme options ✔️
#Advert Section
#UI fix notifications
#Can get the generated password emailed to yourself (PHP Mail)

//11 October 2017 v1.2 (coming soon)
#SMTP options
#Option to generate more than one password at a time.
#Option to turn ReCaptcha on/off
#Export passwords in .txt or .xml file format

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