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A simple and easy to setup script that allows you to have your own basic blog that comes filled with lots of professional features which allows you to automatically have a fully working blog in a matter of minutes. Also this script is built on Semantic UI meaning its fast reliable, responsive and modern allowing it to work with most website designs. Furthermore, this script is very lightweight for the features that come with it therefore allowing it to run on low power servers easily and not putting too much strain on them.

Give us a review and tell us what you want us to add in the next version. happy.png

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  • Unlimited Posts
  • Admin Panel
  • Semantic UI
  • Responsive
  • Add, edit, delete, reset posts (CRUD)
  • HTML posts
  • Pause and activate posts
  • SEO optimized
  • Customize color scheme
  • Works on shared hosting
  • Easy to edit design
  • 404 Page
  • Comments/Comments Management
  • Auto update footer every year
  • Embed Youtube Videos/Images

Upcoming Features

  • See change log

✔️ = Done

//10 August 2017 v1.0
#Initial features ✔️

//11 August 2017 v1.1
#More configuration options ✔️
#Themable (change colour) ✔️
#Pause and activate posts ✔️
#Improved SEO features ✔️

//11 August 2017 v1.2
#Major Bug fix ✔️

//12 August 2017 v1.3
#Big Bug fix (fixes HTML article structure issue) ✔️
#Added option to edit description on edit page ✔️
#Changes to SQL file ready for next update ✔️

//25 September 2017 v1.3a
#Big bug fix (issue with add articles) ✔️
#New navigation and breadcrumbs ✔️

//10 October 2017 v1.4
#.htaccess rewrite ✔️
#Complete re-design ✔️
#Advert locations ✔️
#Basic footer with auto year update ✔️
#Show the amount of views the article has received ✔️
#Complete structure rewrite ✔️

//28 December 2017
#Complete Script Rewrite ✔️
#Areas of code changed ready for next update ✔️
#Secure Admin Panel ✔️
#Temporary Removal of Article Status ✔️
#Temporary Removal of Disqus Comments ✔️

//29 December 2017
#Added: Article Status ✔️
#Added: Footer ✔️
#Added: Search Functionality ✔️
#Bug Fixes ✔️
//Early 2018 
#Added: Comments
#Added: Schedule Posts
#Added: Option for either Disqus Comments or Comments 
#Added: Social Sharing
#Added: Comment Management

#Last updated feature
#Membership (pay to read articles access public, private)
#Table Rename (chewibl_) 
#More Advert Locations 
#AJAX Secure login system (multi user, roles)
#Like/Dislike system


  • PHP 5.6+
  • Web Server
  • MySQLi extension


  • Upload all files onto your server
  • Go to the config.php file and enter your database information
  • Then go to your database and insert the SQL file that came with the .zip file
  • Now you are all setup and you can create a blog post.

For a more detailed documentation see the docs folder

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