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This is a simple yet secure login system that allows you to double protect any pages by requiring the user to not only enter a password but also a randomly generated code from an authenticator app which they only have access to once they have scanned their unique barcode.

Give us a review and tell us what you want us to add in the next version. happy.png

Demo Account:

Username: test21

Password: test21 then download the app and scan the barcode to get the code!


    • 2 Factor Authentication so very secure
    • New code every 30 seconds
    • The code is on the phone not email so very secure
    • User Registration System
    • Requires an Authenticator app for the code to be sent
    • Super easy to install
    • Uses a mobile system whereas email 2 step can be hacked!
    • Modern UI (Semantic UI)
    • Table name unique so won't interfere with other tables!
    • Registration Validation (everything has a minimum length)

    Upcoming Features

    • See change log
    ✔️ = Done
    //22 June 2017 v1.0
    #Initial features ✔️
    //5 September 2017 v1.1
    #Semantic UI version (re-design) ✔️
    #Custom CSS file for you to make edits ✔️
    #Relabel a lot of the code ✔️
    #.htaccesss file ✔️
    #Minor bug fix ✔️
    //17 October 2017 v1.2
    #Improvements to UI ✔️
    #Code cleanup ✔️
    #Squashed some bugs ✔️
    #Introduced beginning code for next big updates ✔️
    #Update for account page (show proper info) ✔️
    #Code introduced ready for profile pictures ✔️
    #Security improvements ✔️
    //20 October 2017 v.2a (Waiting Approval)
    #Bug fix with registration page ✔️
    //Late November 2017 v1.3 (coming soon)
    #User roles ✔️
    #Bug fix (when press enter it refreshes page)
    #Forgot Password
    #AJAX Powered
    #Session Timer (inactive 15 minutes etc.)
    #Code tidy (make it easier to read)
    #Profile Pictures ✔️
    #More security improvements ✔️
    #Disable certain user access controls i.e. right click etc. ✔️
    //Mid November 2017 v1.4 (coming soon)
    #Email activation
    #Change code duration (longer = less secure / shorter = more secure)
    #Change code length (6 characters or more)
    #Admin Panel
    #Oauth (facebook, google)
    #Block IP address system
    #Ban users
    #Limit login attempts
    #Geographical access (block website in certain regions)
    #Additional restrictions in place for added security


    • PHP 5.6+
    • MySQL 5.x
    • Web Server


    • Upload all files to a web server
    • Go to your database and insert the sql.sql file
    • Go to the config.php file and enter your databases details and change the name of the script to your business name also don't forget to change the theme color to match your brand.
    • Now register an account, download an authenticator app and login securely.

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