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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database None
Category Social media
Posted on 2017-06-21
Last update 2017-09-03
Current version 1.3.0

What's this app about?

Tripbuddy is a clean and fresh, easy to use web app that allows you or your users to search for different travel locations around the world in a matter of seconds. This piece of software can be useful in particular for tourism agencies, travel related business, or anyone with enough entrepreneur spirit, turning it either into a powerful internal tool or a fancy travel directory for your users.

Main Features

  • More than 75 different million locations across the world
  • Self manageable locations
  • Live experience - no refreshes
  • Android App Included (Sources+PSDs)
  • Multilanguage (EN,SP,FR,GER,IT,PT,RO included)
  • Intuitive, modern, flat like and easy to use design
  • Mobile compatible (Android app cooming soon)
  • Location Services ( High precission IP Location detector )
  • Rich location information (Gallery, Map, Rating, Check-ins, Contact info and much more )
  • Easy customisable, featuring a simple admin panel
  • Clean and easy to use design - cross compatible
  • Ready to go, featuring a 2 minutes installer
  • And so much more

Check it out

Live demo: Tripbuddy live
Admin panel: Administration (admin:admin)
Android App: Tripbuddy - Google Play 


Release 1.5 [11/3/2016]

  • Added self manageble locations (database locations)
  • Improved documentation
  • Other bugs fixed

Release 1.4.5 [8/16/2016]

  • Android .apk App file included in the the purchase
  • Improved documentation and file structure for easier use & install

Release 1.4 [8/15/2016]

  • Multiple mobile improvements and fixes, especially on Android
  • Couple of code related improvements

Release 1.3.9 [8/12/2016]

  • Added "Gallery Ads Injection" system
  • Added Portuguese language
  • Enabled interaction with the google map
  • Improved the documentation file
  • Other small bugs fixed

Release 1.3.6 [8/4/2016]

  • Added phone number formatting
  • Fixed a Firefox navigation issue

Release 1.3.5 [8/2/2016]

  • Results page improvements
    • Added tooltip for phone number on desktop
    • Disabled map scroll
    • Changed the cursors
  • Optimised the background for faster loader time
  • Added Google Analytics implementation based on Tracking Id
  • Other code related improvements and fixes

Release 1.3 [8/1/2016]

  • Redesigned the admin panel platform
  • Added switchable transparent item background
  • Multiple code related improvements
  • Improved documentation

Release 1.2 [7/30/2016]

  • Improved the location services for more precise localisation

Release 1.1 [7/29/2016]

  • Added Spanish language
  • Added ads system #1 - 3 google ads per 30 results 200x200
  • Improved the installer and the admin panel
  • Other UI&UX fixes

Release 1.0 [7/13/2016]

  • TripBuddy 1.0 Released

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