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App type Web
Main Language PHP
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Category Productivity
Posted on 2017-05-14
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.0
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What is this script about?

PHP Beaver is an advanced PHP - Javascript based web app template that allows your users/customers to create unique, responsive sites by just clicking a few times. The generated sites are fully customisable, users beeing able to change aspects of the site like the layout/text or even the theme (BootStrap skins supported).

It is basically a WYSIWYG EDITOR script that you can use to start your own website builder, that your users can use to generate simple websites.

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Main features

  • Intuitive, drag and drop interface
  • Generates sites with custom elements (Navigation bar, Secondary navigation bar, Content boxes, Sliders, Contact forms, Share plugin, Footer etc)
  • Generates responsive sites
  • Generates sites with custom themes (Bootstrap skins)
  • Generates sites SEO ready
  • 15 themes included (Thanks to
  • Live preview option
  • Download (all files/only the edited file) as .zip

Requirements: PHP Zip library.


7/25/2014 [1.1]

  • Added module manager ( You can now select the modules you want active on your site from the admin panel )
  • Fixed the contact form module (The error handler and the email sender were not working properly + some typos + design tweaks)
  • Fixed the download bug ( The autodownloading PopUp was not working )
  • Fixed some imporant security bugs
  • Fixed a login related bug on the admin panel
  • Other bugs fixed and code improvements

3/16/2014 [1.0]

  • Initial Release

  • Quality
    koala bear
    1 year ago

  • "Easy to install and use - creates really nice templates"

    Edgar Simpson
    1 year ago

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