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A ready to go React js boilerplate, backed by latest techs and tools to get your React projects on feet in no time. The boilerplate includes basic API call example and UI elements usage example.

Getting started

Installation and development mode

  • npm run setup or npm install
  • npm start

Creating production build

  • npm run prebuild Cleans build directory and runs Lint plus Tests
  • npm run build Generates production build

Linting and Tests

  • npm lint or npm lint:watch
  • npm run test


Slingshot offers a rich development experience using the following technologies:

ReactFast, composable client-side components.
Redux - Redux Sauce - Redux SagaClean and modern implementation of Redux. Enforces unidirectional data flows and immutable, hot reloadable store that supports time-travel debugging.
semnatic-ui-reactSemantic UI kit for React Js. Can be replaced with any library you wish
APISauceAxios Based API wrapper for mapping your app's backend.
React RouterA complete routing library for React
BabelCompiles ES6 to ES5. Enjoy the new version of JavaScript today.
WebpackBundles npm packages and our JS into a single file. Includes hot reloading via react-transform-hmr.
BrowsersyncLightweight development HTTP server that supports synchronized testing and debugging on multiple devices.
JestAutomated tests with built-in expect assertions and Enzyme for DOM testing without a browser using Node.
TrackJSJavaScript error tracking.
ESLintLint JS. Reports syntax and style issues. Using eslint-plugin-react for additional React specific linting rules.
SASSCompiled CSS styles with variables, functions, and more.
PostCSSTransform styles with JS plugins. Used to autoprefix CSS
Editor ConfigEnforce consistent editor settings (spaces vs tabs, etc).
npm ScriptsGlues all this together in a handy automated build.


v 1.0.1 [6/13/2018]

- Created a landing page for the boilerplate

- Created new layout for the boilerplate

- Started working on extended documentation

- Multiple cleanings

- Few bug fixes 

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