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What is this app about?


Binder Dating app is a native app that works both Ios and Android and allows to start your own Dating app, similar to Tinder. The app then allows your users to easily create accounts trough Facebook in order to show them people in their area, based on their search interests like gender, age and location range.

If two users likes each other, then it's a match, and the users are automatically connected via a live messenger that allows them to communicate instantaneously.

In addition to regular likes, users can also super like another user, which allows him to automatically chat him or her. But that action is limited to one a day.

The app also comes with a simple, easy to use admin panel that allows you to visualize different aspects of your app like users, actions and reports.

Main Features

  • Easy Login trough Facebook
  • Location based matches
  • Ios & Android push notifications
  • Search interests ( Gender, Age, Location Range )
  • Tinder like swiper with Like, Nope and SuperLike actions
  • Admin panel included
  • Content report ( flagging ) & block system on Swiper & Messages 
  • Instant Messenger for matched users
  • User Settings & Profile pages
  • Ready to monetize - AdMob Integration, one banner space included

Techs Behind it

The app is written in React Native and uses an Laravel based API that stores the users and actions. In addition to this, the app uses Google's Firebase live databases for the live messenger and push notifications. The React stack is built onto a easy to understand and customize structure and uses latest versions of React, Redux, Redux-Saga and API-Sauce. The backend represents a robust Laravel web API secured by JWT Tokens access. 


  • A web-server with PHP and Mysql installed 
  • A Google Firebase Account
  • A Facebook app to handle the login
  • (Optional) An AdMob account to monetize your app


Check out the demos



1/10/2020 - v 1.0.9

* Major platform upgrades, updated RN version, all SDKs including Firebase, Facebook and GoogleAdmob

Fixed Ios dev mode issues, Support for Google play 64bits builds, Major code cleanups and refactoring

* Better support for Android notched phones

* Fixed issues with the push notifications 

* Added support for redirecting to the chatroom when tapping on messages/matches notifications

* Chatroom tweaks and fixes

* Other minor bug fixes

* Improved the instructions and documentation

5/21/2019 - v 1.0.8

* Fixed the birthday selector and made it work nice on both Android & Ios
* Other small config updates, to make it easier to start & build the app first time

5/1/2019 - v 1.0.7

* Fixed the back button navigation 

* Improved login - logout flow 

* Home screen design tweaks 

* Added large image preview on the user chat 

* User settings & profile design tweaks 

* Added gender & birthday settings to user settings 

* Added missing loading screens on the Swiper & Conversations 

* Multiple internal updates, improved overall load time 

* Updated soruce code to run on latest android (os&sdk) and ios (os&Xcode)

* Updated docs

* Other small bug fixes

12/14/2018 - v 1.0.6

* Made the avatar refresh each time you log in again
* Labels tweaks and took out the buttons when no swipes available 
* Fixed the broken Swipescreen (Enforced SSL on API calls)
* Fixed an error where the Homescreen was crashing
* Major platform updates for wider android support

*Updated docs, included more info on thumbnail and splashscreen creation

* Other small bugfixes

6/12/2018- v 1.0.5

* Fixed the broken user avatars after latest Facebook APIs updates

* Fixed the new match notification from being send multiple times

* Other minor bug fixes

2/4/2018- v 1.0.4

* Added cross device remote notifications for new matches and new messages

* Ios layout improvements

* Other UI & UX fixes 

12/19/2017 - v 1.0.3

* Added admin panel for Laravel backend

12/17/2017 - v 1.0.2

* Added report ( flagging ) & block system

* Iphone X and Ipad layout fixes

* Added more info about location usage permission

* Overall flow improvements

* Multiple other UI & UX Fixes

* Backend improvements

11/23/2017 - v 1.0.1 

* Initial release

    Andrew McCode
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    Andrew McCode

    for Functionality

    Good codebase, easy to get it online on the App store & Google Play store.

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