Best ready to be monetized scripts on Alkanyx

by Sebastian Schiau , 6 years ago

We know there are a lot of people out there looking for high quality software products that can self sustain and eventually bring some money in. That's why we've compiled this list of Alkanyx items that are ready to go and ready to be monetized via various methods.

uHotelBooking - hotel reservation and booking system


You can now get your own booking platform that will allow your customers to rent rooms HotelBooking is a powerful hotel management and online booking/reservation site script. This script is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium sized hotels, holiday flats or guesthouses. 

It features:

  • Multi-Hotel support
  • Default and weekly day prices for rooms
  • Bookings management and history
  • Reporting module
  • Room availability calendar
  • Dynamic price calculation
  • And so much more

Alkanyx marketplace link : uHotelBooking - hotel reservation and booking system

Digital Sell Marketplace PHP Script


Digital Sell Pro is a advanced lightweight PHP script that allows you to run your own marketplace for digital products so you can  sell your products quickly & easily!

It features:

  • Paypal powered payment system & Prepaid Credit Functionality
  • Coupon Codes
  • Product Categories, Stock Control
  • User Management System, Secure admin dashboard
  • and much more

Alkanyx marketplace link :Digital Sell Marketplace PHP Script

PHP Search Engine


PHP Search Engine Script allows your visitors to search for sites, images, videos, news and even more, using tens of filters available for all searches. It allows you to add up to 3 ad spaces which you can monetize via Google Adsense or other Advertising platforms.

It features:

  • Features Web, Images, Videos & News Search retrieved from Bing
  • Live pagination (no page refresh), no server load 
  • Safe Search feature (Off, Moderate, Strict)
  • Up to 3 ad spaces

Alkanyx marketplace link :PHP Search Engine

Binder - React Native Dating App Template


Binder Dating app is a native app that works both Ios and Android and allows to start your own Dating app, similar to Tinder. The app then allows your users to easily create accounts trough Facebook in order to show them people in their area, based on their search interests like gender, age and location range.

It features:

  • Easy Login trough Facebook
  • Location based matches
  • Search interests ( Gender, Age, Location Range )
  • Tinder like swiper with Like, Nope and SuperLike actions
  • Admin panel included
  • Content report ( flagging ) & block system on Swiper & Messages 
  • Instant Messenger for matched users
  • User Settings & Profile pages
  • Ready to monetize - AdMob Integration, one banner space included

Alkanyx marketplace link :Binder - React Native Dating App Template

Osiris - Semantic Forum


Communities are great ways to build up passive income sources, you can start your own, special forum with this complete solution. Osiris forums is a PHP script that comes with an eye catching design, made to make your user base interact more.

It features:

  • Great design and user experience
  • Ranks, friends, PMs, Dashboard, Badges
  • Admin dasboard
  • And more

Alkanyx marketplace link :Osiris - Semantic Forum

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