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App type Web
Main Language ActionScript
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category Lifestyle
Posted on 2017-11-30
Last update 2017-12-30
Current version 1.0

PHP Search Engine Script allows your visitors to search for sites, images, videos, news and even more, using tens of filters available for all searches. Also the script uses Bootstrap framework so you can quickly change the design. Also the script have a live pagination implemented, it's cross-browser and cross-device compatible (pc, tablet, phone), and more!

Video Demo: Watch Video

Features Web, Images, Videos & News Search retrieved from Bing Bootstrap integration, change the entire design in seconds! Live pagination (no page refresh), no server load. Safe Search feature (Off, Moderate, Strict). Highlight the searched keyword in the results. Open results in new tab (or _self) feature. Various operands (like “” or “link:” and even more...). 3 Widgets available on the home-screen... Option set the results per page up to 50. Cross Browser compatible, mobile & tablet
Note: It requires a Bing Search API Key, you can create one for free at Microsoft Cognitive Services , allow_url_fopen enabled, cURL library.

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