Top Free Items on Alkanyx Marketplace

by Anna Kane , 3 years ago

2020 has just begun, so we've compiled a list of free items on Alkanyx that can help you with getting started your next project. The list contains both ready to go web apps but also HTML templates, React Boilerplates and PHP Frameworks that can power up your next ideas.

React Big Bang - React JS Boilerplate


React Big Bang is a solid foundation for React.js based apps, backed by latest techs and tools to get your React projects on feet in no time. The boilerplate includes basic API call example and UI elements usage example. 

Fir - Lightweight PHP MVC Framework


The Fir framework started as micro-framework with the purpose of being used in private projects, with the strongest points being extremly fast and easy to use. Fir is not a replacement for professional frameworks, however if you want to quickly build a prototipe app, make a couple of AJAXed pages and do a couple of database calls, Fir should be a good option.

Limeberry PHP - MVC Framework


Limeberry PHP - MVC FrameworkLimeberry framework started as a personal project(Previously; Perpula). Every software or programming language requires some effort to learn, and we are aiming to minimize this process in our framework. It is easy to learn and code a new project with limeberry, we recommend you to give it a try.

SEO Monster - OnPage SEO Raporting Script

SEO Monster - OnPage SEO Raporting ScriptSeoMonster is a unique script wich allows your users to run SEO tests over their sites. After a user submits a site, the script performs the necessary tests ,and returns to him in a clean way, crawling checks, head elements checks, url structure tests, content checks and links checks. Also, every category has a special area, with all kinds of tips and tricks so he can improve his SEO. The script is ready to use, the only thing for you to do is to upload it on your ftp account, nothing else!

Quick QR Generator - Web App


Quick QR Generator - Web App" is an advanced (php-javascript based) QR Generator web app template that allows you to generate all kinds of QR codes, like urls, emails, vCards, meCards, phone numbers. 

Hernyo Blue Template


This is an HTML template based on HTML5 & CSS3 with Bootstrap 4.0. It supports gallery and a working contact form

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