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Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera

App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database None
Category Productivity
Posted on 2017-03-25
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.50.0

 Quick QR Generator - Web App" is an advanced (php-javascript based) QR Generator web app template that allows you to generate all kinds of QR codes, like urls, emails, vCards, meCards, phone numbers. 

This app requires minimal installation, no db or API Keys needed!

App main features:


  • Generate QR Codes for URL’s and Images.
  • Cross Platform compatbile.
  • Different QR Codes available to generate (sms, vCards, meCards, etc).
  • Multiple Sizes allowed.
  • Multiple Encoding Formats.
  • Multiple Correction levels (L, M, Q, and H).
  • Template system (easy to customize – uses .html and .css files).
  • Images generated via Google Infograph API.

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