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iOS 8.x, iOS 9.x, iOS 10.x, iOS 11.x, Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x

App type Mobile
Main Language Javascript
Framework React Native
Database MySQL
Category Lifestyle
Posted on 2018-11-24
Last update 2019-02-07
Current version 1.0
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Blackie is a monetizable app template that allows you to start your own wallpapers app on Google play and App store in no time.

The app features a simple, dark design that allows you to navigate trough latest, most popular and categorized wallpapers. All wallpapers are uploaded via an admin panel and served via a REST API.

Additionally, you can set up admob integration and choose after how many free downloads, the user will be server ads, as Rewardable videos.

The app is aiming at dark, AMOLED wallpapers but nothing can stop you from using it for regular / 4k wallpapers.

Main features:

  • Browse trough Latest, Most popular & Categories
  • Download wallpapers to device's gallery
  • Admob Rewardable Videos integration
  • Ios & Android compatible
  • Admin panel for wallpapers upload
  • And much more



Techs Behind it

The app is written in React Native and uses an Laravel based API that stores the users and actions. In addition to this, the app uses Google's Admob SDK to render the rewardable ads.

The React stack is built onto a easy to understand and customize structure and uses latest versions of React, Redux, Redux-Saga and API-Sauce. The backend represents a robust Laravel web API and a admin panel that allows you to upload your images


  • A web-server with PHP and Mysql installed¬†
  • A PC with Android simulator and a MacOS device With XCode
  • (Optional) An AdMob account to monetize your app

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