Inventory Management


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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category Other
Posted on 2018-09-27
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.0

IMS- Inventory Management – a simple and user friendly piece of code for maintaining goods of Warehouse and your sales. Built with the modern and PHP MYSQL.

Manage In and Items, Categories, just what is needed and nothing more. Powerful Javascript sorting enables you to pull basically limitless data from server side.

As a bonus feature, this product has multi level login

Live Demo

You can see Demo Demo
username: admin password: admin


  • Apache web-server
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO Extension for PHP (MySQL)
  • MCrypt Extension for PHP
  • Fileinfo Extension for Images

Running the tests

Open Wampserver and a little icon will pop up on your right buttom corner, wait 1-3 mins until icon turn to green. 

PS: if you have MySql installed in your computer, make sure you know the username and password. if you forgot username and password. open CMD and stop your mysql service. 

>> net stop MySQL57
clone or download this project to your local.

put this project file under wampserver www folder

import this folder as new project in your text editor
run index.php, and then you good to go.

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