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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category Lifestyle
Posted on 2017-11-30
Last update 2017-12-30
Current version 1.0

Advanced PHP Search engine, with Full-Text search queries in BOOLEAN mode, and cURL page crawler.

Features MySQL Full-Text search engine PHP Crawler (only for domains and subdomains) Various filters (including “exact match”) Option to order the results by relevancy Adsense ready, 3 ad units Top 15 most searched keywords Cross Browser compatible Includes a database with +40.000 domain crawled (most of them are Romanian domains) Massive Crawling (insert an array with domain names and they will be crawled)
(Note: it crawls only the first page, aka index page, of the websites, altough the script contains a massive crawling php ready to use for multiple sites. The domains which don't have a Title and Description or Body content aren't indexed.)

Requierments: PHP 5+, MySQLi and cURL library (it does use file_get_contents in case you don't have cURL library).

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