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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework Other
Database None
Category Productivity
Posted on 2017-11-18
Last update 2017-12-30
Current version 1.0

"QR Code advanced generator" can generate QR codes via the Google Infograph API (no API key required), and can also generate QR codes that uses sytanx (for example to send emails, vCards, meCards, phone numbers, etc...)

Features Generate QR Codes for URL’s and Images. Multiple QR Codes available to generate (sms, vCards, meCards, etc). Multiple Sizes. Multiple Encoding Formats. Multiple Correction levels (L, M, Q, and H). Template system (easy to customize - uses .html and .css files). Images generated via Google Infograph API. Cross Browser compatbile. and more...

Updates Update 1.2 [12/2/2015]

Added dynamic copyright year

Update 1.1 [5/3/2015]

Added sub-folder installation support Removed the need of a database (also simplified the installation process) Small design improvements

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