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In my 2nd year in law school, I understood that becoming a lawyer is a kind of sin and becoming a Software Engineer is an adventure. So I started my adventure by starting a Company for Web Developing in 2008. After completing various local and foreign projects, I thought to learn more about Developing than designing. So I started doing web based software for small companies and now I have developed fully featured ERP system and new company for Web Based Software.

And one thing I need to mention here is that I have never completed any degree or gone any IT school to learn. Self-study is my path to wisdom.


My expertise runs from HTML to PHP. Specially dynamic web developing is one of the best I can do. Generally I do web tools using databases and flat files. My goal is always to make something which was hardly built or never built by others. And helping my clients, something I enjoy, because most of professional developments made with helping my clients for their issues. Helping them gives me more ideas to how my future developments should be and international requirements.

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