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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category Social media
Posted on 2017-09-07
Last update 2017-09-07
Current version 1.0

The truth is that News is Made Easy today with web technologies. There are thousands of websites allaround the word to announce local and international news second by second in their web pages. So running a news portal of our own is also made easy with RSS feeds given by major New Sites. So I decided to have small script to read news feeds (RSS) and store the data inside a database for search purpose.  The issue can with most of RSS feeds which does not have media tag to grab a picture thumbnail. So I finally decided to work only with RSS feeds with media thumb image. Then I found that most of RSS Feeds for BBC, CNN, Yahoo, Wikinews have thumb image in their RSS feed. So it helped me to develope nice and animative front end to search and view the news from multiple feeds.

This is kind of a RSS to MySQL script. Since some RSS feeds have used their tags in seperate names, I had to write includes for each RSS feeds. Once worse thing was for Also Anyway now we can cover most of RSS feeds by changing the paths in available includes for supported News Sites.


  1. Bootstrap based Responsive Design
  2. Animative News Thumbs with Images
  3. Directly linked to original news article
  4. Search inside multiple RSS feeds
  5. Automated RSS to MySQL process
  6. Simple Script and easy to customize
  7. No Backend just a MySQL Database
  8. PHP (PHP 5 and PHP 7) and MySQL Based

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