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Websub link manager PHP script is a small but powerful tool that can easy be integrated in any website. This script allow users to place their site's link on your site, and in return, the user places a link on their site back to your site.

Increase your site traffic with our automated link exchange!

index_custom.png Customizable files

Simply open the source files that allow you to customize the script in any way to meet your own specific needs.

index_features.png Packed with features

We've included a lot of features for you to choose from such as link duplication, featured links, notifications and many others.

index_protection.png Security protection

We have included some important features that help you fight spammers quickly and more effectively than ever.

index_search.png Search engine friendly

Optimized for search engines to make sure your website doesn't get lost in search results and users can quickly find your website.

index_multilang.png Multi-language support

You may run your website in any language. The dutch language pack is also included, for other languages you can simply translate this script.

index_responsive.png Responsive template

Our templates are easy to edit and your content will automatically resize based on the size of the browser window viewing your site.

Click on the link below to explore more features:

Explore more Features

In order to run our script your web server must support:

arrow.pngPHP version 5.6 or higher
arrow.pngMySQL version 4.1 or higher
arrow.pngPHP "Mail" function enabled
arrow.pngPHP "Safe mode" must be off
arrow.pngPHP "Session" must enabled
arrow.pngPHP "Short_open_tag" on
arrow.pngGD library installed

The best way to learn about Websub link manager PHP script is to try our online demo, play with the features and use the admin interface to familiarize yourself with the script.

Click to try our online demo

A lite version of this script can be found here.

Change Log

### Script Version 1.6.3

  • [Added] Enable/disable friendly url's.
  • [Added] Enable/disable search function through admin panel.

### Script Version 1.6.2

  • [Fixed] Pagination with some pages.
  • [Added] Search function, search links for title and decription.

### Script Version 1.6.1

  • [Fixed] Problems with long website url's and characters.
  • [Fixed] Website title cannot be entered in another language such as korean and chinese.
  • [Fixed] Disabled scripting tags in link submission forms.
  • [Fixed] Reciprocal page shows up in featured links even it's disabled in admin panel.
  • [Fixed] Few minor errors / bugs.
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