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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework Other
Database MySQL
Category Advertising
Posted on 2019-01-08
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.0
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ArenaADS Is an digital advertisment Network Script, Earn money by starting your own Online Advertising Network, just like Adsense! Allow publishers to earn money from ther websites, and keep a share of the profit. ArenaADS includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin(CoinPayments) & 2Checkout(Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express...), reCAPTCHA integration and much more!

Static Features->

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Material Bootstrap Included
  3. Material Icons
  4. Google Fonts
  5. Premium Images
  6. Creative Homepage And All Page Design
  7. Mobile Friendly
  8. SEO Friendly

Features For Publisher->

  1. Powerful dashboard
  2. Data chart
  3. Website List
  4. Add Website
  5. Add, Edit Website
  6. Ads Zone For Creating Ads Code
  7. Add, Edit Ads Zone
  8. Banner, Popup, Direct Html Ads Code
  9. Powerful Profile
  10. Edit, Manage Profile
  11. Withdraw Balance
  12. All Withdrawals List
  13. Powerful Referral System
  14. Support System

Features For Advertiser->

  1. Powerful dashboard
  2. Data chart
  3. All Performance chart
  4. Full Performance Report
  5. Add, Edit, View Campaigns
  6. Tracking System
  7. Create, Edit, Pause Banner, Popup, Directs Ads Campaigns
  8. Deposit System
  9. Invoices Page
  10. Edit, View Profile
  11. Support System

Admin Features->

  1. Powerful Admin Panel
  2. All Data chart and performance reports
  3. Website Full List
  4. Add, Edit, Delete, deactive, ban Website
  5. Website category
  6. Add, Edit, Delete Website Category
  7. View, Edit, Delete, Deactive Ads Zone
  8. All Campaigns List
  9. Add, Edit, Delete, Pause, Deactive Campaigns
  10. Campaigns Reports
  11. Create, Edit, Delete Ads ( Banner, Popup, Direct )
  12. All User List
  13. Add, Edit, Delete, Active, Deactive User
  14. User Withdrawals 
  15. Accept, Complete, Denied, Pending, Edit Withdrawals
  16. User Invoices
  17. Accept, Complete, Denied, Pending, Edit Invoices
  18. User Transactions 
  19. Accept, Complete, Denied, Pending, Edit Transactions
  20. Admin Login Log History
  21. Add, Edit, Delete Announcements
  22. Page Management
  23. Powerful Settings
  24. General, Advertiser, Publisher, Intergation, Google Captcha, Ads, System, Security Settings
  25. Email Setting ( SMTP, PHP Mail)
  26. Payment Methods (Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, 2Checkout, Bank Transfer)
  27. Withdrawal Methods (Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, Facuethub, Bank Transfer)


username: demoadmin

Password: demoadmin


  • PHP 7 +
  • CURL
  • OpenSSL


How To Install:

1.Upload ZIP FILES to your host and unzip

2.Open Your website & Complete Installation

3.Create Admin Profile, That's it!

Version 1.0.0                                                           

08/01/19 First Release

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