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Welcome to Limeberry Framework. Limeberry is an excellent but straightforward application development framework. Limeberry aims to help you in your coding process by speeding up development with ready to use libraries that require minimal configuration. The structure was developed based on the MVC architectural design. You can do all your database related operations with the model structure and create your views with the help of view. You can associate the relationship between all these two by using the controller structure.

Purpose of Development

Limeberry framework started as a personal project(Previously; Perpula). Every software or programming language requires some effort to learn, and we are aiming to minimize this process in our framework. It is easy to learn and code a new project with limeberry, we recommend you to give it a try.

Who is it for ?

In simple words; it is for you.

  1. It is lightweight.
  2. It is free to use.
  3. It is free(also easy) to extend or develop as your personal needs.
  4. Limeberry uses mvc architecture.
  5. An easy to use template engine.
  6. And much more to explore.

Let's start learning and exploring the framework. In next topics you can find how to install and configure limeberry.

Installation of the framework


Installing Limeberry is very easy. The only thing you need is just download last package of the framework(You can download limeberry from project page on github or just clone repository to your development environment). Once you have downloaded you need to follow steps below;

  1. Unzip the package you have downloaded.
  2. Copy/Upload limeberry files and folders to your local/remote server.
  3. if you rename the folder name of limeberry you need to edit configuration file.

Configuration file can be found in project_folder/app_config.php . Open this file with your text editor and change the Configuration::SetApplicationFolder("value") with your new project name and save. Now you can change your folder name to same value with in config file. Thats All.

Server Requirements

Limeberry Framework is a lightweight, easy-to-code and adaptable library. You can be confident that we will consider the 'lightness' principle in all our releases. The only requirements are;

  1. PHP Version: =>5.6
  2. Extensions: PHP PDO

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Limeberry Framework
Limeberry Framework
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