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Posted on 2018-08-03
Last update 2018-08-04
Current version 2.0.0

What is the GigToDo Script?

It is a freelance service marketplace. GigToDo is a platform that helps employers find talent for their projects. The service facilitates meetings between employers and freelancers who can aid them in brand building or their marketing efforts, providing them with access to a vast pool of highly-qualified freelancers. 
The platform allows entrepreneurs to discover freelancers by having them come in contact with service sellers in three different levels. This way, they get to meet freelancers with the ideal skill sets and rates who will suit their needs. These seller levels allow businesses to either expand or narrow their searches according to freelancer levels. What’s good about this crowdsourcing service is its provision of total transparency. Freelancers’ profiles can be accessed, along with their reviews, leaving buyers to decide whether they want to hire them or not. With the system, employers are provided with advanced knowledge on the quality of service they are to receive from a freelancer. 
GigToDo is just the right platform that an employer on the hunt for a freelancer needs. You can find just about any product or service you need–all starting at $5 (or whatever the admin sets as base price). The system works by hosting freelancers by having them post their services and work samples. Buyers simply have to look up the best one that would suit their needs. Common services include logo design, contract writing, code debugging, business card designs and even hiring a virtual assistant.

Demo Info

This information is found in the demo page. 

Update Log

- Package system added - Now users can split proposals into 3 packages (Basic, Standard and advanced)

- More options in General Settings - Add favicon, change landing page's photo and text, switch site logo from text to image.

- More bug fixes

Upcoming update

- Promote other sellers' proposals/services: With this, other buyers can promote seller proposals. The way this will work is, a seller can decide to include a percentage commissions off sale for anyone who promotes his/her proposals. Once a proposal is promoted, and a user buys through the unique link shared, the buyer who promoted that proposal gets a commission after admin has approved. In this way, other buyers can earn via the site even without having proposals/services to offer. Fiverr, peopleperhour and freelancer don't have this feature.

- Admin Log: This shows the activities carried our by the admins. This will act as an informing tool for other admins 

- Video plugin: With this, users can do video sessions with their customers. System will allow sellers to set the price for minutes/hours for video sessions, and seller will have the option to extend the time if the seller is not complete with buyer yet. This will automatically charge the buyer. Buyer will be notified before this. 

        - This feature is good for tutors, lawyers etc

        -  Neither fiverr, peopleperhour or freelancer etc has this feature.

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