BitCoin Donate - A react bitcoin donate widget.


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App type Web
Main Language Javascript
Framework React
Database None
Category E-commerce
Posted on 2018-01-07
Last update 2018-01-07
Current version 1.0
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Bitcoin Donate is a donation plugin that allows your visitors to decide how much they would like to donate to your fundraising cause or charity with Bitcoins.

Easily add donation requests to any website with just two lines of code. All you need to do is just add your bitcoin address.


  • No API Key Needed. Just add your bitcoin address

  • Documentation Included

  • Responsive design – show on mobile, tablet and desktop

  • Select your currency to be converted to bitcoin

  • 15 Currencies to choose from

  • Embed your donate requests with a single like of code

  • Generates QR code automatically


That’s is it to show the donate box.

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