Monster Crypter - Hashing and String encoding script


Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera

App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
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Category Security
Posted on 2017-03-11
Last update 2019-02-08
Current version 1.20.0
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What is this script about?

Well,it`s pretty simple,Monster Crypt is a script that allows your users to encrypt,encode,decode and hash their content with over 30 diffrent algorithms, like hex, binary code, base64, md5,SHA1 and so many others.

The encoding functions are written in Javascript and PHP and the only dependency it has it's the PHP function – hash(), available since PHP 5.1.2,  so it's available on most of up to date vps, dedicated and even shared servers.

Main features

  • 30 hashing,encrypting,encoding and decoding algorithms
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Popular encoding algorithms,like hex,binary,base64
  • High security level,with loggin system
  • Slick, simple and fun to use design
  • Copy to clipboard option
and more…

Requirements:A FTP account,with a domain/subdomain,PHP 5.1.2 or newer,with hash() function enabled.


9/19/2017 [1.2.1]

  • Fixed the base_64 encoding function

9/5/2013 [1.2]

  • Fixed multiple design related bugs, more symetric now
  • Added missing favicon
2/27/2013 [1.1]
  • Urlencoding module was fixed

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