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Posting items on Alkanyx

Becoming and author and posting items

Posting items on Alkanyx is easy as 1,2,3. Still, in order to be able to do that, will need to do the following.

Once on the Upload page, you will be welcomed by our 3 Steps Item Upload Module, which has 3 main categories.

  • Item general info - App name, category, info
  • Item assets - lisitng images, actual archive with app code and docs, preview images
  • Item publishing - description, price, tags, SEO

Posting updates

In order to post an update, just head over your items at `User menu > Portfolio` and click edit. You will be then redirected to your item edit page where you can modify your app.

Don't forget to include a changelog history in your item description in order to keep your potential clients up to dates with the changes.

Supporting your items

At the moment, each license comes with a 3 months guaranteed policy, if support for your items setting is set to true.

However, some users will choose to automatically offer unlimited / extended support, beyond Alkanyx's terms.

What not to do when uploading items

Please do not attempt to upload projects that you do not own. Any attempt to upload nulled / re-skinned apps will get your account permanently banned. We do not tolerate theft / copyright infringements at all.