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Getting started with selling, licensing, terms and more

Getting started on Alkanyx marketplace

What is Alkanyx?

Alkanyx is a software marketplace, a digital media store and digital media distribution service. Here you can find a large and diversified range of digital goodies, from bootstraped app ideas ready to be deployed in no time, to all kinds of web, mobile and desktop apps, wordpress plugins, HTML themes and so much more.

Alkanyx is a developer oriented platform, that tries to make the buy - sell code process as easy as possible. Our comunity stands at the bottom of it, so don't esitate to join our forums!

Buying digital items on Alkanyx

In order to buy code, scripts or apps on Alkanyx marketplace, you can either:

  • Make a deposit and earn up to 20% bonus.
  • Buy the item directly from the item page with Paypal, Stripe or Alkanyx Credit.

Couple notes:

  • Each item offers optional support from their authors.
  • Get your money back if you don't like what you got, 30 days guaranteed.

We only support Paypal payments at the moment but we can manually process other payment processors if at requested.

How can I become an author?

To become an author, you will just have to send us a request, including a small description about you and what you do. Including technologies you are famlilliar and a portfolio would also increae your chances of a faster approval.

How can I post an item on the marketplace?

Well, after you got your account approved as an author, you will be able to upload new items on the Upload page, which can also be found in your user menu. The upload process is pretty straight forward, but if you need more info please check the Help - Posting items area.

Is there any exclusivity clause?

Nope, we do not stop you from selling your code on your own site or other marketplaces.

What's in for me, as a developer?

As mentinoned before, Alkanyx is a developer oriented platform, so we tried to come up with the most optimal rate taking in consideration that most of the money goes into further development and items marketing / promoting.

These being said here is how the author fees are working at the moment:

  • We offer you 80% of your items sales value
  • We only charge a 20% withdrawal fee.

Note: Fees might be matter of change in the future.