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Feedback Thread

  • George Damian

    Hey guys,

    We want to build a great marketplace for both our authors and customers, so I am opening this topic hoping that we will get feedback that matters, from you guys!

    Don't hesitate to let us know what features would you like to have, bugs that you run into or anything that you would like us to improve.

    As always, have a great one!    

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    • Hello, thank you for all these features. I hope that Alkanyx will become even better known.

      What it could be quite a lot, is an option (checkbox) that allows to notify the buyers when we update one of our products. That a notification or Email be sent to buyers when updating a product, by checking the box if you want them to be notified.

      I think it could be pretty good, and would allow buyers to have an up-to-date version of the product.

      Best regards George & Admin's.

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    • Hey Squamifer, glad to see your around!

      We are actively doing marketing campaigns, mostly social media to grow the marketplace and get the most targeted people. In the time to come, we are also looking into better SEO practices and link building for even more organic reach. It's a long road ahead but the results are slowly showing off :)

      About the email notifications, we are actually working  on it at the moment and the release should come until end of the week. The email notifications will include:

      - Email for authors when a purchase was made 

      - Email for authors when a comment has been posted

      - Email for authors when a review has been posted

      - Email for clients when an update to a purchased item has been posted 

      A forum post in the Changelog topic will also be made when the release has been made.

      Have a great one!

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    • Hi, this is perfect, I can't wait to see this and test these new features! Okay for the SEO, maybe also think about improving the Analytics Chart on the Dashboard?

      Good day and good coding!

    • Hey again,

      The email notifications are now live. You will have to go to User menu > Settings > Email settings and enable the ones you wish because they are not enabled by default yet for all users.

      The analytics and statistics monitoring is also a big item on our backlog and will definitely go over them in the next releases.

      Have a great one, and let us know if you got any other suggestions.

    • With automated emails would it also be possible to send an email as soon as they purchase the item with a link to review them and also if they fail to do so with the first email send another one week later just to help give authors better reviews because otherwise most people will not leave one etc.

      Also on Facebook in the Shop section, it says 'All Products' so actually add all products otherwise it makes it look like Alkanyx only has 23 items

    • Hey Chewi, glad to have you here!

      About the emails, this update was just the beginning, we are currently planning on an extended email functionality, including recursive emails for buyers, in order to increase the engagement and activity on the marketplace.

      About the Facebook shop, we kind of omitted to update that one but will definitely add more products in the days to come, including yours since they feature high quality preview images.

      Have a great one, and don't hesitate to write us if you have any more suggestions !

    • Just to let you know im using Firefox Quantum and the link to Alkanyx on your Twitter profile is

      and when you click on it you get this message..

      Your connection is not secure

      The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

      Learn more…

      Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites uses an invalid security certificate.

      The certificate is only valid for


      but when you remove the www. it works

    • @Chewi Scripts 

      Thanks for letting us known, will investigate ASAP and come with a fix by end of the day.

    • @Chewi Scripts 

      In between the releases, we've also updated the Firefox SSL bug, forgot to let you know.

    • Very good work, it smells like good things coming up!

    • how does the free items bit work and also in another update would you be able to add an option where we can pause items e.g. stop them from being sold temporarily and hide it from your profile etc. and then activate it again when we want to resume selling it?


    • Hi, Alkanyx,

      When I update one of my products, and when I access the final step, when I check: Notify your customers about the update, I receive this error (on my products before this feature was added) :


      An internal error has occured and a log has been created. Please try again to submit your item, if the error persists, please contact us.

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    • Hey there Squamifier,

      I have looked over the logs and think I've found the problem that was causing that error. Just posted a fix.

      Please try again an update with that option enabled when you can and let me know if it works now.

      Have a great one!

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    • Hey again George,

      Great, I just did this on two of my products and it worked without mistakes! Thank you for that! I hope that buyers have been notified if it worked well :)

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    • Great improvements since last visit, keep up the good work!

    • when uploading a product can you remove the documentation bit because it never works for me and i usually put my documentation inside the main .ZIP file anyway


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    • @Chewi Scripts

      We hear your. We will take care in the following updates, probably by first making the field optional, then getting rid of it completely.

      Thanks for letting us know about that!

    • any competitions/bonuses for authors anytime soon?

      like uploading lots of new products within a certain time period and then receiving a small bonus?


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    • Hey again @Chewi

      Haven't thought about this but that's actually a good idea. We have been thinking about adding new contests too, in order to keep the flow going and make the marketplace more fun :) Will get back to you on this one in couple of days.

      Also, we didn't forget about the optional documentation, hoping to get it out in the next release which we hope to put it out tonight and includes many updates, mainly to the transactions system.

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    • Thanks very much look forward to the update and future competitions!

    • Out of curiosity, what does it take to get a product featured? For example


    • Hey,

      Well, the main requirements are high quality script / app and high quality media previews, things that you item had, so just featured it ;)

      Have a good one!

    • The Documentation field as a requirement needs to go away. It's very annoying to upload the Documentation separately for each product, the Documentation should be allowed in the .ZIP package of the software. Also in its current form, you can't have any assets alongside with the Documentation, as there's no .ZIP format allowed for the Documentation field.

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    • @Blizz Code

      We hear you!

      As part of the next release, besides many other major platform updates, we will get rid of the additional documentation field of the Upload process.

    • @Chewi Scripts , @Blizz Code

      Docs got removed, now docs must be included in the assets zip. All existing documentations have been appended to the assets archive.

      Have a good one!

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    • Finally. After I've submitted all my products, you've removed the Documentation field.

    • Thanks very much George! Glad to see its gone! It really was a pain!

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    • Has almost been 1 week and still no refund of the thing i bought and they said they would refund me for!

    • Hey @Dawson

      I've sent you an email regarding info of the refund, will resend now.

    • Why has Alkanyx been so quiet recently??? Sales have gone from -------------------------> to >->->

      Whats happened?

      Also can you add an option to pause items?

    • Very good ideea to add an Unlist option, if I want to temporarily disable an Item.

    • Hey there guys,

      About the silence, we are actually working on different marketing strategies, so sales variations might appear in this period. We predict that in the near future sales will increase to the better, judging by current stats.

       Still, I've checked your items and seems like the demo is down for most of them, that is a big buy factor for our customers.

      About the pause/unlist button, I agree, will definitely add it in next update!

    • Thanks George because some of my items demos are down while im fixing stuff on my server so it would be great to just pause them while i fix buts of my hosting!

    • Sounds good man, will try to release the items pause feature this weekend.

      Will let you know when ready!

    • Hey again guys,

      Hide feature was added as well as Referral system that allows you to earn 10% of sales and purchases of referred users.

    • Nice updates guys, will do my best to come up with some fresh code too soon.

    • I'm releasing a very big update soon but i was wondering if you are gonna completely redesign the site as I feel maybe that is a reason for why i'm getting slow sales atm.

    • Hey @Chewi Scripts

      We are low key working on a fresh design update, but can't tell an ETA at the moment, as we are still need to do a lot more research and sketching before getting it online.

      Will update you on the way. As for the lower sales level, we we still experimenting with a lot of different marketing strategies so sales may vary a bit these times.

      We are growing on the traffic side and even sales for certain items, but still need to get a lot of things in place in order to get even more targeted hits for the entire marketplace.

      Have a great one!

    • Keep up the good work guys!

    • Button to temporarily hide products is not working.

    • Hey @Chewi Scripts

      Roger that, will inspect it asap.

    • Hey @Chewi Scripts

      Sorry it took that much, the bug just got lost between the tickets. Should be fine now.