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The PHP page order

  • Chewi Scripts

    Hi there this is a query on the categories > php page can i ask why the order has changed from newest to most sales? thanks

    • Hey there,

      This is more of a temporary change, the listings will be displayed by date, while sales will become another additional filters. This should be back with tomorrow's release if everything goes well.

      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know!

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    • thanks very much and will you do anymore of these offers? 

      Hey there,

      Me and my team have just released where you can find all kind of ready to go web, mobile and desktop apps for just couple of bucks.

      Great things about it:

      • $50 Bonus for first approved item
      • 80% Author Rate
      • up to 15% Deposit bonus


    • Hey there,

      Unfortunatelly,  the $50 bonus offer has expired couple months ago, the 15% deposit bonus  and the author rate is still present.

      We are looking into creating some new contests for you guys though so you can earn an extra buck but we are also very busy with development and marketing at the moment.

      Have a nice one!

    • are you still planning on making it newest first? or is it going to stay most sales?

    • Hey there,

      Category page is now ordered by most recent apps by default. Sorry for the delay, totally forgot about that.

      Have a good one!

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