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  • Sebastian Schiau

    Hey guys,

    I've created this topic so we can get to know ourselves better, create stronger and more productive connections between us.

    For the beggining, you can add some basic information about you, like the ones below and we shall see where this takes.

    • Who are you, where are you from
    • Area of expertise, favourite languages, etc
    • How did you find us?


    • These being said, here I go:

      I am Sebastian, I am 21 and I study in Bucharest. I have been part of the Alkanyx team for over an year now, since the initial development process started and my main area of expertise is web development and my main language is PHP :D

    • Hello to you all!

      I am Alexander, and I own a small software development and marketing co in Denmark. 

      Our main language is JS but I've actually bumped into this site while looking for a PHP self-hosted video library .

      Anyways, great job and looking forward for more awesome app templates!

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    • Hey guys, Vladislav from Ukraine here. 

      Glad to be part of the comunitty and I am looking forward for new ideas that I could use.

      Meanwhile, working on some projects that I hope I will get to post them here soon.

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    • Hi all,

      I am from Bosnia and try to find better market for my projects, hope that it will be better then codecanyon :) mostly customer support and more sells then there ;)

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    • Warm welcome everyone!

    • Hello,

      Szabi Kisded here from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Happy to be a part of this great marketplace! ;)

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    • Welcome around Szabi! Ne face placere sa te avem printre noi !

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    • Hey everyone, this is Nathan and currently living in Canada :)

      Happy to see marketplaces like this with some many unique scripts!

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    • Hello!! Tiago from Brazil!

      I have a small software development agency and I'm searching for a better marketplace! I think that Alkanyx can be a good place to sell my Systems and Scripts. My main skills are PHP (Laravel, Slim) and NodeJS.

      I wish success for all of you!!

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    • Hello to all!  

      My name is Attila and currently live in Canada.  I'm lad to be part of this marketplace and to share my knowledge as well.  My expertise are in PHP, JS, HTML and CSS.  I'm also very familiar with MySQL Databases, but try to avoid it now .  I try to design most of my scripts without database for convenience and speed.  

      I hope to be part of this great group for a long time and to help each other grow!  Good luck Alkanyx team (keep up the good work) and everyone else.

    • Warm welcome @Hernyo Scripts! Good luck with the sales!

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    • Hey everyone, I'm Dan, 20 years old I like like to code stuff :)

    • Hello everyone, I'am from Indonesia and i love to make website with javascript.

    • Hello everyone, I am from Snellville, GA and I love to support health immune supplements and vitamins.