Top programming languages for freelancers in 2018

by Anna Kane , 5 years ago

If you are interested in working from home and you'd like to make your living as a professional freelancer, there are plenty of opportunities available. Through websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and more, you can often find a variety of development tasks and fairly simple programming work that can be done with just the base knowledge of one type of programming language. Getting a programming language that's in demand could give you access to a wealth of freelancing opportunities.

Here are some of the best paid programming languages for freelancers in the year 2018


JavaScript is a programming language that currently accounts for two thirds of the jobs available on many freelancing platforms for programmers. Many people come to freelancing websites to have Web elements designed for them or complete websites. By learning JavaScript you can perform a variety of web applications developments and more. This still remains one of the most in demand freelancing programming languages and it has been for several years.


Developers in SQL are extremely in demand and this is a fairly straightforward programming language that can help with database management and delivering results in the cloud. For managing data today there are a wealth of software developers and individuals that are looking for experts on SQL.

Java: Java emulates C++ and it can be used to deliver complete applications. Software developers and businesses are commonly looking for programmers that are experienced in Java for the development of business systems, new software and more.


This is a programming language that's quite flexible and very powerful for developing dynamic websites, developer’s tools and more. As an object oriented programming language, it can be a little bit complicated to learn but it remains one of the most versatile for developing software for Microsoft platforms, android and IOS. Many app developers commonly seek out help from programmers with knowledge of this language.

Python & PHP

Python and PHP also remain extremely useful as programming languages for freelancers to learn in 2018. The top four programming languages that we listed however are very likely to find you a job is the best paid programming languages for freelancers this year.



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