Getting Started with IOS 13 – Everything You Need to Know

by Anna Kane , 4 years ago

Have you upgraded to iOS 13 already? If you are here, then my guess is you just upgraded to the latest operating system (OS) and need help unlocking new cool features or you are trying to weigh your options, if it is worth upgrading or not.

Oh, well, if you belong to the second class of iPhone users, then you should hurry up and upgrade now.

Here is why!

In each upgrade, Apple tries to fix past bugs and make user experience way better than it was. New upgrades also mean updating apps, which keeps your apps safe and up to date at all times. Further, each OS upgrade brings you a bunch of cool new features that make your phone feel brand new. See, I told you it was worth it!

Introducing IOS 13 

Functionality, design, ease of use, and a touch of class are the remarkable features that characterize Apple products. And this new OS isn’t left out of the fun. Released late last year, September precisely, the iOS 13 is the latest and best of Apple’s operating systems so far. It boasts a rich list of amazing features that sets it apart from its predecessors.

Join me as I unlock these cool features. Don’t sleep on it!

1.  Systemwide Dark Mode is Super Cool

A whole new level has been unlocked. For those who dig dark mode on Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp, you can now enjoy total ‘blackout’ across every app on your phone. Yes, you read right! Sure, you can switch between light and dark mode from time to time. It is super easy too.

2.  Kick Unknown Callers Out with a Single Swipe

You know that irking feeling you get when your phone rings and the pop up says Unknown Caller? Well, you can relax now. It is all in the past now! With a single button, you can direct every call from unknown numbers into voicemail. No disturbance. Just straight to your voicemail.

3.  Faster App Launch

Of course, the essence of the upgrade is to make life easier for users. So, there you have it. You can totally launch apps in half the usual time. You got it! Your phone is now faster and more efficient than ever!

4.  Bring Your Photo to Life

This is yet another super cool feature of the iOS 13. iPhone users can now bring their photo to live as they browse through the various albums. Remember to check out the exciting new editing tools. Easy navigation is another plus. Browse through your photos by days, months, and years like a boss.

5.  Double Protection with Find My App

Personally, I think this is the coolest feature on the list. This new upgrade combines the traditional Find my iPhone and Find My Friends in a new app dubbed Find My. With this app, rest assured you can track your phone whether the device is offline or not. The app leverages Bluetooth and other nearby iOS devices to help you locate your missing phone. Cool, right?

6.  Swipe It, Don’t Type It

No doubt Android users have been using this swipey messaging system for a while now. Oh, well, you are welcome to the party. Unlike your Android buddies, you do not need a third-party app to ‘swipe it,’ iOS 13 got you covered!

7.  Improved Camera

Yes, I saved the best for the last. I know you have been itching to know if there is any difference in the picture quality. Well, the answer you have been waiting for is the first word on this point – yes!

This new operating system comes with adjusted portrait lighting intensity, allowing you to adjust the position and intensity of your studio lighting. Basically, that translates to cooler photos. No one can beat this!

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