Simple URL Shortener PHP Script


Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera

App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category Productivity
Posted on 2017-09-04
Last update 2018-03-23
Current version 2.3.0

A simple, affordable script with loads of professional features that allow you to easily have your own free URL shortener service that offers statistics, the ability to have custom alias', adverts and so much more. Its built on bootstrap so its responsive, fast and easily customizable. More features coming soon!

Give us a review and tell us what you want us to add in the next version. happy.png



Username: Admin

Password: 123456789


  • MySQL 5.x
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Web Server
  • *Tested on Apache


  • Shorten unlimited URLs
  • Option to customize unique alias
  • Counts the amount of URLs you are hosting
  • ReCaptcha (prevent spam)
  • Works on shared hosting
  • Easy to setup
  • Bootstrap (semantic ui version coming soon)
  • Counts individual clicks per URL
  • Total URL clicks of all URLs added all together
  • Able to turn on/off statistics
  • Different background image on page load
  • Report URL feature with admin
  • Reset URL clicks from admin panel
  • Multiple Admins
  • MySQLi
  • Advert locations (more coming soon)
  • Terms & Privacy page with admin edit

Upcoming Features

  • See change log

✔️ = Done

//13 July 2017 v1.0
#Initial features ✔️

//17 July 2017 v1.2
#Better statistics ✔️
#Better design ✔️
#More configuration options ✔️

//20 July 2017 v1.5
#PHP random image on load feature (improves UI) ✔️
#More configuration options ✔️
#Minor bug fixes (removed random '.') ✔️
#Made overall scripts UI better ✔️

//27 July 2017 v1.9
#Simple Admin Panel ✔️
#Report URL System ✔️
#Improved Statistics (more accurate) ✔️
#Speed Improvement ✔️
#Minor Bug Fixes (linking to a folder issue fixed) ✔️

//5 August 2017 v2.0
#Login, Registration (CSS Rewrite) ✔️
#Minor bug fix (directory link issue not major issue) ✔️
#.htaccess rewrite ✔️
#More statistics (total views + unique views) ✔️
#Option to turn admin registration on/off ✔️

//9 August 2017 v2.1
#Major bug fix (fixes issue which prevents users from creating new URLs) ✔️

//29 August 2017 v2.3
#Space for an advert (more coming soon) ✔️
#Option to turn adverts block on/off ✔️
#Remove 'total page views counter' to make improvements such as do not count bots etc. ✔️
#Meta Refresh on admin page every 30 seconds ✔️
#Date created feature ✔️
#Terms & Privacy page ✔️
#Terms & Privacy edit option in admin ✔️
#Admin Panel update (added ID, new UI messages) ✔️
#Minor Bug Fixes ✔️
#Reset individual total clicks for URLs button ✔️
#Minor UI improvements ✔️
#Return to main page link on the report system ✔️
#Option to have new alerts appear in the pending section or not ✔️

//Late September 2017 v2.5 (coming soon)
#Complete re-design (semantic UI)
#Active/paused feature (user will enter special code which will then unlock the select field where they can pause/resume their URL.
#Click Manipulation
#Fix responsive issues
#Closable adverts
#Active/paused feature from admin panel
#New advert locations

//20 November 2017 v2.6 (coming soon)
#Timer Feature
#Change background image from admin
#Option to hide your URL from the statistics tab when creating it.
#Edit URLs from admin
#Update URL request form (admin approves it yes or no)
#Contact Us Page

#Paypal IPN (pay to advertise)
#FAQ system with admin
#Price increase from $9 to $15

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