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Primarily is this powerful PHP script designed as an Online Stream TV subscription platform, using the HLS live stream. However, the script can be equally well used to play all remote videos. The script will play the following types of videos: .webm, .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .ts, .ogv, .opus, .mkv, .mpd or embed.

The installation of this script "GLOTV - Global Online Stream TV Subscription Platform" is very trivial. You will be ready to launch your new media site in about 5 minutes.


Here is a glimpse of some of the most awesome features this script has to offer.

  Add Custom Stream or Embed

You would rather add a custom stream or embed? No problem. Use the interface to "Add a TV Station" like User or lika Admin "TV Stations Management > Add a TV Station". User interface for Add a TV Stations enables or disables admin in script configuration.

  Featured and NSFW

You can tag a media file as featured and/or NSFW to make them stand from other media. Featuring a video will prioritize that video while tagging it as NSFW will prevent users who have NSFW option disabled to view them. Regarding NSFW, admin allows or denies users the ability to change the date of birth entered during registration in the script configuration. This has a major impact on NSFW.


Registered users can report any content. Whether it is a TV Station, user or comment, it can be reported. You will be able to moderate reports via the admin panel.


User has the option to purchase a subscription and at 7, 30, 180 or 365 days. This subscription will release the user of the TV Station labeled "Subscription" to watch for that period. If a user has not purchased a subscription. These TV stations are played only for the time in seconds that the administrator has set in the script configuration.

  Birth Date

The script checks the age of the user based on the date of birth entered at registration.


You can find the demo version at: Usernames and passwords for demo login. They are listed on the page at the bottom right.


The script supports payment gateway PayPal.

PayPal is the most popular payment service on the web so being able to integrate your website with PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification Service (IPN) is essential if you need to process payments through your website.

Of course, the script also creates a sales invoice in PDF format. The administrator has complete control over PayPal payments.

Registrtion and Login

The user, besides the standard registration and login, has the option to use Goole, Twitter or Facebook.


This script allows you to add any advertisement code you wish and it will display it wherever it fits. You can also enable or disable ads with a single click. The three main sizes are 728×90, 468×60 and 250×250.

In addition, the script supports a video ad. Video advertising can be connected as Pre-roll or Mid-roll.


This script comes with a powerful yet easy theming system that allows you to easily modify the theme or create your own. It also comes with a powerful theme editor and translation generator.


You can easily activate any themes in the admin panel by just clicking the activate button. If you want to build your own theme but don’t want to touch the default theme, just clone it and activate it.

  Theme Editor

You can use the the theme editor to directly edit any of the theme files very easily. You also get a powerful code editor built-in so you can safely code your way to success. As a side note, you should not be editing the PHP in the theme. The PHP code is formatted in a black color so you can easily identify it.

  Translation Generator

You can easily translate the site to any languages you want by using the built-in language editor. Simply open the generator and translate each strings. Make sure to save periodically in order to prevent loss of data.


Sitemaps are an important strategy for you to get indexed quickly. Use this tool to generate an XML sitemap and then submit it search engines. Notice that the script will automatically ping Google and Bing to index the main sitemap once you generate it.


This script allows to you send automatic digests and newsletters to your users by using this tool. Digests are a summary of new media on your site. Note that if you abuse this tool you will be in trouble with either your host or spam databases! So it is recommended to not use this too often.

  Export Data

If for some reason you want to export your users’ list, you can use this tool. This allows you to define what you want to export. Simply follow the instructions.

  Optimize Database

Optimizing database should be a thing you do regularly as it is inevitable for data to get lost. This tool will optimize the database and remove old notifications.

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