Fb Kampanion - Facebook Ads Campaigns Reporter


Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera

App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category Marketing
Posted on 2017-05-01
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.30.0

"Fb Kampanion - Facebook Ads Campaigns Reporter" is a lightweight web application that allows you to create custom reports for Facebook ads campaings so your clients will be able too analyse them without to much of a struggle.

The reporting fields the app is currently using is CTR, CPI, Installs # and Spend sum for each day.

On the technical side of the app, this soft is created using PHP-MySql on the backend and HTML-JS-CSS on the front end.

In order to run this app, you will only need a server with PHP 5.3>, a MySql database and mod_rewrite enabled.



Admin panel: Admin Login

Client side ( 3 login alternatives included )

Main Features:

  • Complete solution for reporting Facebook campaigns
  • Advanced Admin - Client interfaces and Modern, Intuitive design
  • CTR, CPI, Installs # and Spend amount reporting
  • Secure code ( SQLi, XSS protection + Obfuscated JS code )


Admin side:

  • Reports manager ( Add/Modify/Delete reports for users)
  • Notes ( Set general notes )
  • Audience ( Set global audience reporting data )
  • Learning ( Help area - reflected on client side )
  • Users Management
  • Platform Settings

Client side:

  • Dashboard ( Data viewer by months, Excel exporter )
  • Graphs View ( Analyse the data as graphs )
  • Audience
  • Learning
  • Notes

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