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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
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Category Lifestyle
Posted on 2018-07-28
Last update 2019-01-20
Current version 1.0

Mailzoo - Smooth Webmail Client

Description: Mailzoo is a webmail client, where you have the ability to send and receive emails anytime from anywhere. Mailzoo run smoothly on most modern browsers including mobile browsers. Made with Love; Coded in Pure PHP; Live Demo


  • PHP 7.+
  • PHP imap extension
  • PHP mailparse extension


  • Simple setup
  • Browse all your emails folders
  • Fetch all emails in each folder (pagination supported)
  • Search an email in each folder (pagination supported)
  • Read a single message smoothly with next&previous buttons
  • Reply to message (attachments supported)
  • Forward an email (multiple addresses supported)
  • Mark message as read/unread - important/not important
  • OneClick select all messages
  • OneClick mark all as read
  • Archive an email
  • Move messages between folders
  • Create new message (html, attachments supported)
  • Delete a message (send to trash / delete forever)
  • ..

Live Demo:

Demo URL:

Demo Email:

Demo Password: demo_mailzoo_test


13 Jul 2018

  • Initial Release

30 Jul 2018

  • Improved UI
  • Fixed issue with sent/draft mails being marked as unread

Question? feel free to ask!

  • "Really great looking script! Once I get it working, I'd totally give it 5 stars. Great job!"

    3 months ago

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