Digital Sell PHP Script


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App type Web
Main Language PHP
Framework None
Database MySQL
Category E-commerce
Posted on 2017-09-17
Last update 2018-03-22
Current version 1.4.0

Digital Sell PHP Script is a simple MySQLi based Paypal digital download system that features an admin panel that allows you to view the all transactions, add products, edit products, delete products manage emails and so much more! Easily add a product from the admin panel and embed the link on any site for someone to be able to purchase your product through Paypal and be emailed the link which expires after a chosen period of time!


Give us a review and tell us what you want us to add in the next version. 

Login Details:

Username: admin | Password: admin

Username: user | Password: user

  • Secure Admin Panel (edit, delete, create)
  • Semantic UI
  • Includes our $15 AJAX login script with forgot and activate features.
  • PHP 7 Supported
  • Paypal IPN
  • Expiration Link (24 hours or 48 hours)
  • Integrate buttons on any site
  • AJAX based
  • Easily customisable
  • Responsive admin panel
  • Works with shared hosting
  • CRUD
  • Control Download Speed
  • Transaction Fee
  • MySQLi based (PDO soon)
  • Basic user management functionality (add,edit soon)

Upcoming Features

  • See change log

✔️ = Done

//20 September 2017 v1.0
#Initial features ✔️

//20 September 2017 v1.1
#Responsive bug fix  ✔️
#New users on admin panel (currently only the admin account is needed) ✔️
#Improved naviagtion system ✔️
#Reduced file load ✔️

//22 September 2017 v1.2a
#Fully Themeable ✔️
#Foundation for account purchases files ✔️
#Design UI improved ✔️
#SQL files updated ✔️
#Bug Fix (tags wrong way round) ✔️
#Rename of files ✔️
#Admin has option to delete users ✔️
#Active/Inactive Feature ✔️

//3 November 2017 1.2b
#Bug Fix (some users are affected where they cant actually download the product) ✔️
#Row that says whether item is active or inactive ✔️

//2017 1.3a (Current Version)
#Search functionality ✔️
#Live Demo Capability ✔️
#Handling/Transaction Fee ✔️
#New UI ✔️
#More detailed products area ✔️
#Individual Transaction Fee for each product ✔️

//2018 1.3b (coming soon)
#Edit and add users from admin
#Add new field for custom download file name ✔️
#Change paypal email from admin panel instead of config file
#Users have an account and when they purchase an item it appears in the download section for the duration they have access to the link ✔️
#Fix responsive issue with edit, profile and add page
#Bug Fix with expiring links
#Embed in other websites
#Admin Redesign

#Change from MySQLi to PDO
#Complete rewrite using our new PDO mini framework
#100% AJAX



Web Server

PHP Mail

PHP 5.6+

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