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Last answer by George Damian George Damian 2 days ago
Alkanyx Official Changelog
1 year ago by George Damian

Hey guys,In order to keep you posted with the latest changes that are going on with our platform, I've created this post were we will post our latest updates.This being said, here is the our changelog so far:


5/9/2017 (v.2.0.13)

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Last answer by Rahul Singh Rahul Singh 8 months ago
[Contest] PHP Rush
1 year ago by George Damian

Hey guys,


Today I want to let you know about the first Alkanyx coding contest, in which we are offering $300 for authors that will be posting PHP apps/scripts in the 5/22/2017 - 6/15/2017 interval.

Rules and not
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