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Last answer by Dan  Oprica Dan Oprica 5 months ago
Marketplace Roadmap
10 months ago by George Damian

Hey guys,It's almost an year since Alkanyx went online and what a year it was. We've managed to change the entire design once, add lots of new features and fixed tons of bugs.Now that we got here, there is no going back, so I've though that I should share with you guys few of our

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Last answer by George Damian George Damian 2 days ago
Alkanyx Official Changelog
1 year ago by George Damian

Hey guys,In order to keep you posted with the latest changes that are going on with our platform, I've created this post were we will post our latest updates.This being said, here is the our changelog so far:


5/9/2017 (v.2.0.13)

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Last answer by Sebastian Schiau Sebastian Schiau 9 months ago
How to get app featured?
9 months ago by John Appleseed

How can we get our app/code on the front page?

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